How app rating ios affects your ASO

Positive user sentiment is an essential factor of App Store Optimization. It is directly influencing visitors in their decisions to download an app, thus acting as an important component of conversion rate.

The effect of app rating ios on Search Visibility on the app stores:

An app’s average rating will determine where the app will show up and rank on search results pages for n keywords. Few / low ratings will affect search rankings and visibility, as the app stores reviews give more visibility in Search for apps well rated. On the opposite, lots of good user ratings will boost an app’s visibility and, therefore, downloads. In order to get more good ratings and reviews, we should recognize how users interact with our app and why are they rating it (is it because it has a bug or something that needs to be fixed? is it because they are happy?), so we can work on that, resulting on an increase of our app’ Search visibility and organic downloads volume.

App rating ios: the key component of Conversion Rate:

When making a decision about downloading an app, 90% of users take into account it’s the rating, 79% the reviews, and 4 of every 10 people consider the reviews the same or even more important as the recommendations from friends.

A high average rating is at the same time a sign and a key component of success. With more than 7,5 million products in the stores, breaking through the crowd and convincing a user to download is not such an easy task. The top apps and games were found to have at least a 4-star rating, both for the current version and cumulative. On average, the rating of the top iOS apps is 3.81 stars.

The reality is that buy app rating ios really matter. Low ratings can cause damage to search rankings and affect the overall visibility, not to mention that the users will not convert on a store listing with a poor rating. The high average rating, instead, will result in better search rankings, more visibility on the stores, more downloads, and higher revenues.

How to improve app ratings ios:

A good moment to start thinking about getting reviews is… yesterday. At the moment of launch, you can already ask your beta-testers and friends to rate your app so you get a head start at launch. But you should never stop working on ratings – moreover because there are relatively easy ways to take care of it.

Here is how to do it.

1. Build a great product

2. …and keep improving it

3. Encourage feedback – ask proactively, but don’t get annoying

4. Identify your most engaged users

5. Ask them to rate you in the true “moments of joy”

6. Keep negative ratings and reviews away from the stores.

User feedback is essential to building a successful strategy. It has a direct impact on ASO, influencing store ranking algorithms for search and top charts. Moreover, ratings and reviews have a direct impact on product page visitors and can convince or discourage them to download and try your app or game. This is why it is so important to take care of ratings and work hard on collecting more, and better feedback.


Ratings and Reviews are a key aspect for any ASO strategy, as it has been shown that they impact Search Visibility, Conversion Rate to Download, and the possibility of being featured on the app stores.

It’s vital that you don’t neglect them. Sympathize with your audience and try to make the better user experience possible for your app in order to keep them satisfied. Remember that a good rating will get you more installs, and good reviews will get you good publicity. As simple as that!