Can Enguru help to speak English properly?

There are many English learning apps in the market. English is the most used means of communication globally. Knowledge of the English language has its own advantages.

As such, these English learning apps try to capture the imagination of  those who want to learn English and speak properly. Enguru is also a English pronunciation app, that serves the same purpose.

Now, it would naturally come to your mind whether this app, Enguru is good enough! We would here try to have a look into its features, merits and demerits.


  • English speaking course which is divided into two types. One is a general English speaking course and the other related to IELTS preparation.
  • The English learning course features live video sessions with top lecturers. 
  • The user can practice Spoken English Live.
  • The English practice games are included and are helpful too.
  • An user can subscribe to it as a paid subscriber or can learn English for free.
  • There are mock interviews included. These English mock interviews can help an user to understand the pattern and practice for the same.

The above mentioned were the features of the English learning application, Enguru. Now let us talk about its benefits.


  • One major benefit is that this application can really help you to learn and speak English for free. There are both paid and free plans. This is one exciting platform.
  • Provides the right kind of exposure that aids in development of confidence. Only a confident person can speak English properly. Enguru can boost your confidence like never before.
  • Everything about the application is classic. It is easy to handle and offers an amazing experience. You don’t need to be too good technically to use the application.
  • You can have fun with the help of English practice games while learning the language. This is a real example of innovation! 
  • It offers the feel of the real interview through the English mock interviews. This is a fantastic feature associated with Enguru.
  • A major advantage is the lack of ads in this platform. This makes learning faster and smooth. Learning English on this platform becomes smooth.

These were some talks about the benefits of the application, Enguru. This application along with these advantages can be associated with some flaws too. To make the correct assessment you need to have a look into its demerits too.


  • One of the major issues with it is its loading time. Sometimes, it stops working at all.
  • The issues with sound have been a matter of concern for quite a while.
  • The users have mentioned the inconsistency of customer support from time to time.

These were some major drawbacks of Enguru application. But it can be said that the demerits cannot outweigh the merits. This is a clean and a modern English learning app.

What to conclude?

 English is a very widely spoken language in the world. Through some English learning applications you can learn to speak English properly. Enguru is one such application. It can be referred to as a English pronunciation app.

As discussed above, it has many great features and benefits. It makes learning English very fast and easy through live video lessons and English practice games. Also, there are some demerits to it. Main concern is its loading time. It is also true that once we compare the benefits with the drawbacks the former stands out tall. In simple words, it is more useful and the flaws can be ignored.

So, the answer to the question if Enguru is good enough would be yes it is! With the help of this amazing app you can learn English like never before in the fastest possible time.