Few Cost-Effective Ways to Acquire Users Through Paid App Marketing

Today there are over millions of apps on both the Google Play store and App store. With the huge impact of technology, there is a wide increase in the number of apps in the app stores. There are over hundreds of food delivery apps and hundreds more set to deploy in the app stores. Likewise, there are several apps that provide the same services as the competitor apps. Such an act has impacted a lot in entertaining a challenge between the competitors. The chances of new app ranking among the competitors’ app in a given category using just the organic and other methods which include ASO where you buy android installs and iOS installs to your app alone are usually minimal.

By employing several paid marketing strategies you can achieve a huge amount of user traffic to your app. Marketers that have planned budget for marketing usually have more marketing opportunities to explore.

Here are some of the paid strategies you can use to drive users to your app:

Boost Campaigns

As we learned earlier that there are over millions of apps in app stores, it is more challenging for newcomers to shine over all the other apps. There is a very less chance for a new app to rank higher in the given category. A boost campaign is one such strategy that has proven to help an app rank top of a given category so as to gain a huge number of organic users. Boost campaign is a strategy that gives results in a short period of time. It also helps in enhancing the visibility of your app leading to an increase in organic downloads. After an effective boost campaign, your app’s discoverability over other apps and stands a chance of maintaining the high rank in the category rankings provided users like it.

Social Media Ads:

Social media has influenced a lot and become an integral part of our lives. As of recent survey, there are over 2 billion social media users active performing several activities. This number is expected to increase each year. This makes social media an effective platform for getting more traffic to your app.

As we all know the effective platforms to consider for your app ads are Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. These are the few best channels that you can use to promote your app. The promotion should be right and it should contain the link driving users to download your app from the app store. Instagram allows you to post an ad in the form of pictures and posts. There are several ways to set up your app ads on social media to drive more traffic to your app. All the social media ad regarding your app should be authentic, contextual and useful to the users.

Ad Network:

There are many online Ad networks that connect app marketers to prospective users. This is a huge advantage for marketing platforms to acquire more users for your app.


There are high chances that people can visit your website but fail to download your app. Getting back to them is a type of advertising that can help you re-engage with such users. Retargeting keeps a tab on every visitor’s with the help of cookie to determine the ads to show them depending on their browsing history. Doing this helps to persuade a user to download your app because they are more personalized.

Things to keep in mind to create an effective retargeting app ad that will help you drive more traffic to your app:

  1. By conducting NB tests to learn more about your users to optimize the ads for them
  2. By using visual appealing and persuasive messages.
  3. By automating the process to remove the users who have to download the app.
  4. By utilizing deep links to help users get directly on track of your app. This will help in increasing the chances of downloads.
  5. By segmenting the users in order to send them a good welcoming and personalized messages.

These are few paid app marketing methods you can follow to drive more users to your app. By keeping an eye on the app marketing methods that give you the best results should be able to tell you what works best for your app. For more details visit https://rocketappranking.com/